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My name is Patti and I'd like to give you a tour of our website, to make it easy for you to navigate.

Our Loan Center tab will help you to see how much of a loan you may qualify for; and the calculator link lets you run many scenarios.

Our Products and Rates tab lets you see the current interest rates for different loan programs.

Our About Us tab tells you about our company, owner, philosophy and contact info.

Our FAQ tab answers many preliminary questions about qualifying for a mortgage.

Our Resources tab has links to industry information, as well as, generic mortgage forms to view and compare.


Our Company:

  • Licensed Mortgage Lender – Founded and Operating since 1989 (27 + years) 
  • Licensed in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia & Wash., DC (Local Lender Familiar with the homes in your market & with the Service Providers, such as Appraisers and Settlement Companies)
  • Approved Lender (Underwriting to Trusted Major Secondary Market)
  • Approved Lender with Portfolio Investors (Underwriting Tailored & Unique Mortgage Financings)
  • Also Licensed as a Mortgage Broker in all of the above mentioned States – Allows and enables us to Offer Alternative Mortgage Programs (Outside Sourced Programs which may offer our clients alternative solutions for higher Combined Loan to Value Amounts, Lower Credit Score requirements and/or Higher Debt to Income Ratio's than may be allowed in our traditional secondary mortgage market underwriting guidelines)

President / Founder – Skip Cobb – Comprehensive Experience:

  • President and also an Underwriter of Loans (Rapid Attention & Desire to Explain & Approve your Loans)
  • Over 27 Years Experience (Trusted and Experienced Mortgage Lender & Mortgage Broker)
  • Past Ownership of Settlement Company Partnership  (Understanding & Attending your Closings)
  • Past Ownership of Real Estate Company & Agent for 7 Years  (Knowledge of Real Estate Companies & their need(s) for securing a Mortgage Professional and Lender who understands the needs of their Purchaser's and the absolute requirement to close their loans smoothly and on time)
  • Past President Johnson County Kansas Real Estate Sales Division (Appreciative of your Business)

 Mortgage Program Offerings:

  • Conventional, Jumbo, Portfolio, FHA, VA, USDA, Simultaneous 2nd Mortgages and Home Equity Line of Credit ("HELOCs")
  • Relationships with banks that can provide Secondary Mortgage Products to our customers who may desire;  Stand-Alone HELOC's, Construction Purchase Money and/or Lot Financing
  • Fixed, ARMs, 80/10 Combined Loans, Full Doc, 95% Super-Conventional and/or High Balance to $625,500, 90% NO PMI Loans, 90% Combined Loan to Value to $1,750,000 Portfolio Loan Amounts with NO PMI
  • Primary Mortgages Amounts (Up to $3 Million) & 2nd Mortgage Amounts (Up to $350,000)
  • 100% USDA Loans to $ 417,000 w/ Reduced Monthly Mortgage Insurance – 30 and 15 Year Fixed

 Company Differentiators:

  • Family Owned & Always Concerned About: (Reputation, Reliability & Rapid Pre-Approvals coupled with On-Time full Mortgage Loan Approvals and we attend all Mortgage Settlement / Consummations with our clients to ensure a smooth and pleasant Home Purchase and/or Refinance experience)

Email: skip@revolutionarymortgage.com

Contact us directly and let us know how we can help you in your home buying or refinance process.

Address & Driving Directions:
9099 Ridgefield Drive Suite 104, Frederick, MD 21701

Voice: 301-620-0220

Fax: 301-620-2206